Tax Services

We offer advisory services covering: Taxpayer registration, tax computation, preparation and returns filing, tax planning, tax audits, objection &appeals processes, and processing tax exemption status. In addition, we ensure your rights vis--vis those of tax agency are protected.


We offer you expert opinions on VAT operations and company-specific VAT problem areas, expert reports regarding VAT treatment of a specific set of company structure, In-house training for your staff, and comprehensive support in the case of cross-border services.

Corporate Income Tax

We advise on the design of company-tailored tax plans that minimize tax liability. In this context, we calculate tax-relevant share values and together with you develop proposals for optimum corporate tax plans including any cross-border and transfer pricing issues.

Capital Gains/Property/ Rental Tax

We offer: expert opinions in taxing capital gains; preparation and checking plans for tax-privileged capital investments in property such as rented accommodation, company stocks or shares and government bonds & treasury bills.

Withholding Tax (Including PAYE)

We advise you on the applicable withholding tax rates on employment income, interest, dividends, natural resource payment, royalties, management charge, payments to non-resident contractors and payments to resident professionals under the tax treaty and non-tax treaty regimes. We can also help you with NSSF issues.





















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